+ I am a complete Beginner Rider, I have no idea where to start. What is my first step?

+ I am a complete Beginner Rider, I have never even sat on a Motorcycle or Scooter before, but I would really like to see if riding a Motorcycle or Scooter is for me. Are you able to assist with a Course for me?

+ I am a complete Beginner, have never ridden a Motorcycle or Scooter before. How many Lessons will I need to become a competent Rider?

+ Where can I find out more information about how/where to book my Learner's Licence or K53 Motorcycle or Car or Truck Test ?

+ I need to apply for my Learners Licence, I know it is a “written” Theory Test but my problem is that I have a Learning/Writing Disability and am unable to understand or read the questions and to write down the Answers. What can I do?

+ Do you have any “contacts” at the Traffic Department to arrange an urgent Test Booking or to maybe “organise” to get me a Licence? I am willing to pay you well for this?

+ Do you have any copies of the Learner's Licence Test Papers, with Answers?

+ Do I need to have a Motorcycle or Scooter Learner's Licence before I start any Riding Courses?

+ How long will it take me to learn to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter and be ready to ride on the Road?

+ What is the difference in learning to ride a “gear” Motorcycle compared to an “auto” Scooter?

+ I already have a Drivers Licence for my car, do I need another Licence to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter?

+ Do I need to supply my own Scooter or Motorbike before I start the Course/Lesson?

+ How old should my son/daughter be to start Motorcycle or Scooter riding Lessons?

+ How old should my son/daughter be to apply for a Motorcycle or Scooter Learner's Licence?

+ My Learners Licence expires in 2 to 3 weeks time' I accept that I have left it till too late to get a Test Date for my K53 Practical Rider Test, but I need my Bike for my every day work commute, so may I apply for another Learners Licence Test before my existing Learners Licence expires but for a Test Date after my existing Learners Licence has expired?

+ My son/daughter is under the age of 18. What is the restriction in the engine size of the Motorcycle or Scooter they are allowed to ride on a Public Road?

+ Even though my son/daughter is under the age of 18, I have allowed him/her to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter bigger than a 125cc. Will this be a problem if they are stopped by the Police?

+ Can I pass my K53 Test on a 150cc Gear Motorcycle and get my Code A “ Big Bike” Licence?

+ Which Test Station has the shortest waiting time to secure a Test Date?

+ What is a Code A1 and a Code A Motorcycle Licence?

+ What are the chances of me being fined if caught with the wrong Code of Scooter/Motorcycle Licence?

+ What Riding Gear is considered essential for a short trip to the Shops down the road?

+ Which Test Station is the easiest one to pass your Test at?

+ Which Drivers Licence Test Centres do K53 Motorcycle and/or Scooter Tests within the City of Cape Town Metropolitan?

+ My Learner's Licence will be expiring soon, what can I do to get my Learner's Licence extended?

+ What clothing should I wear for my Bike Lessons?

+ I have a Motorcycle or Scooter that I feel very competent to ride with and it is Roadworthy. Can I use that that Motorcycle or Scooter to do my K53 Motorcycle Test?