This K53 Learner's Licence Test Preparation Course is a Theory Course and although we supply Notes and other teaching & training materials, it is highly recommended that Clients have already done some prior reading and research about Road Traffic Signs and Road Markings, etc, beforehand. Together with our notes, photo/pictures and explanation and the Client's prior learning, we strive to assist the Client to have a proper understanding of what to expect during their Test and have prepared a series of Tips, Guidelines, Mock Tests and Notes which will assist them in the successful outcome in the Test. These may change according to your Examiner and Test Station, but the “basics” stay the same.

It must be understood and accepted that although we equip and prepare the Driver or Rider with all the relevant information and skills required for the successful conclusion of the K53 Learner's Licence Test, we cannot guarantee a “pass”. The Client “writes” the K53 Test utilizing their own skills and knowledge acquired.

We also recommend that Clients do not leave their K53 Licence Test Preparation till the last moment and suggest that this K53 Learner's Licence Test Preparation Course be done within 5 to 7 days before their K53 Learner's Licence Test Date.


We do not have any set Training Venues for the K53 Learners Licence Lessons and usually do the K53 Learner's Licence Test Preparation Course at your Home or Business or at another Venue, at times convenient to all. Some of the local Motorcar and Motorcycle Dealerships are usually quite happy to let us use a corner in their Show Room but that is subject to availability.

When you make your Booking for the Lesson, we can discuss a suitable Venue and Date & Time convenient to us all.

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It is our policy to be as flexible and as reasonable as possible to accommodate our Clients, but we reserve the right to introduce and implement the following basic Policies:

  • Refunds will only be considered if the cancelled Appointment is filled by another Booking.
  • Cancellations received after 12H00 the day before the Lesson will not be refunded but the Lesson can   be moved to another Date and Time, convenient to both Parties. 
  • Should a Client not arrive for a Lesson, and not notify us accordingly, well in advance, NO REFUND will be considered. They will forfeit that Lesson.

In the event of any factors beyond our control, we reserve the right to re-schedule to another alternative date and time that is convenient to both Client and Ourselves.

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