Welcome to K53 Bike Lessons & THINK Motorcycle Academy

It is well known that proper Motorcycle and Scooter Rider Training that develops and promotes correct Riding and Road Traffic Safety Skills dramatically reduces the risks of accidents and makes your Motorcycle Riding Experience so much safer. Consider that any time, effort and money spent doing Motorcycle Rider Training, to be an invaluable “Investment” in your Riding future.

Our Mission at K53 Bike Lessons and THINK Motorcycle Academy is to strive to provide only the best properly prepared and designed Rider Courses offering the finest Riding Skills Development Modules with the latest, up to date content. in a safe fun environment. The outcome of this Rider Training would be an increase of well trained confident Motorcyclists and Scooter Riders on our roads, equipped with the correct defensive riding skills to be low risk Road Users and to maximise the excitement and enjoyment of their journey on two wheels.

Our Motorcycle Riding Safety Instructors, headed up by Andy Rice, are qualified RTA registered, knowledgeable and experienced Motorcycle Riders with many thousands of kilometres in the saddle of various Motorcycles, with more than 10 years of successful Motorcycle Rider Training.

We understand that the Road Traffic environment that we, as Motorcyclists and other Road Users must share is also constantly evolving and in order to adapt to these changes and trends in Rider and Driver Behaviour the content of our Rider Courses must also stay relevant.

In order for us to provide a targeted approach to the specific needs of each individual Motorcycle & Scooter Rider and to meet these challenges, we have established 2 x separate, but co-ordinated and structured Motorcycle Rider Training Academies, each offering their own specialist Modules and Skills Development Programs.

One is K53 Bike Lessons and the other, THINK Motorcycle Academy.

K53 Bike Lessons

K53 Bike Lessons will advise and guide a Rider through the entire K53 Motorcycle or Scooter Test process from start to finish. These Lessons are “K53 Motorcycle or Scooter Test Specific”as the content of the Course is designed to prepare a Rider to have an accurate understanding of all that is required for the Test. This includes going through everything that the Rider needs to know about the K53 Test, including those little "idiosyncrasies" relevant to each Testing Centre, the various Riding Skill Exercises that form part of the K53 Test in a simulated Test Yard environment to get the Rider properly equipped with the correct info to stand the very best chance of passing the K53 Bike Test. To get maximum benefit out of these K53 Test Prep Lessons, a Rider must already be competent with current skills and ability to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter that they intend using to pass their K53 Test.

THINK Motorcycle Academy

THINK Motorcycle Academy is all about Motorcycle or Scooter Riding Skills Training, offering a variety of Riding Courses from Beginner Rider, Convert Auto To Gear through to Advanced Rider, including all the other various Road Riding Traffic Skills Courses. Our Rider Training Courses are innovative and are constantly being up-graded and adapted to the changing Traffic Riding Trends enabling us to continue to offer an even higher standard of motorcycle training to the Greater Cape Town Motorcycle Community. All our Courses concentrate on proper Motorcycle or Scooter Traffic Road Riding Skills which revolve around the concept of Defensive Rider Training.


Contact: Andy Rice                                Cell: 082-334 9722           

Email info@k53bikelessons.co.za   or   www.k53bikelessons.co.za