It is well known that proper Motorcycle and Scooter Rider Training that develops and promotes correct Riding and Road Traffic Safety Skills dramatically reduces the risks of accidents and makes your Motorcycle Riding Experience so much safer. Consider that any time, effort and money spent doing Motorcycle Rider Training to be an invaluable Investment in your Riding future.

This is the moment you have been waiting for, it's You, your Motorcycle or Scooter and the wide open Road...! 

In South Africa, we are blessed to have endless kilometres of spectacular scenic roads, both tar and gravel, an amazing bike friendlyclimate all year round and a wide variety of all types and sizes of Motorcycles & Scooters available and suitable for all applications.

Unfortunately, as motorcyclists, we also have to share these roads with other road users and be it City, Urban or Rural, each region all have their own particular characteristics regarding road & pedestrian traffic, different road surface conditions, weather conditions, etc. 

In order to survive in these road conditions, motorcyclists  need to develop an understanding of these factors and to adapt their riding skills accordingly.

Whether they intend to use their motorcycle or scooter for commuting or leisure, once new Riders have learnt the basics of riding their motorcycle or scooter, the next challenge facing them is when they need to learn to ride on a public road, in traffic, surrounded by other road users, pedestrians, etc. 

They now have to make use of all their newly aquired riding skills, need to make instant decisions as they negotiate the traffic moving with and against them. Now, as they enter the traffic for the first time, they realise that things happen very fast on the road and you have to be prepared for them.

We offer a range of courses to help you drive safer and abide by the law.

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